Monday, January 14, 2013

Three Tiered Curate Stand

I almost forgot one of the pivotal serving pieces in my previous entry.  I don't know how I could have forgotten....

Another serving piece that is commonly used with Afternoon Tea is the three-tier Curate Stand.  It is especially useful for a small tea of two to three people.  As with everything else, it follows a specific propriety when being used for tea.

The top tier is for scones.

The protocol of placing the scones on the top tier is due to the fact that during the 1800s when Afternoon Tea first became popular, and modern conveniences did not exist, a warming dome was placed over the scones. The dome would only fit on the top tier.

The middle tier is for Savories and Tea sandwiches.

The bottom tier is for the sweets.

At the progression of each course, service would be provided to remove each tier.

**A.L.W.** - Service provided to remove each tier?  I suggest you simply move to the next tier at your convinence and don’t you dare tear my stand apart layer by layer.

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