Monday, January 28, 2013

Holiday Catch Up

Oh, I promised myself I would get caught up with all my holiday posts by mid-January, and then by the 3rd week of January.  My new goal - 1st week of February.  There is just so much happening at once.

Besides the everyday chores of the tea room, I am:
Making a new Edwardian apron
Making some new tea cozies
Prepping Mr. Fleam for his appearance at Days of the Dead Atlanta
Planning a Tea & Scone tasting in mid-February

So many things keeping me away from my blog but I promised myself to set aside some every other day and do some catch up.

I'll start with my little Bat Rabbit's Tea Room Christmas Tree.  It wasn't much and part of the decorations were hand made but I was rather proud of it.

I was feeling rather crafty that day and decided to add some new skull and bat decor....

I used some of my favorite black and white paper to punch out some bats. 

Then I simply attached them to black pipe cleaners.

They made a wonderfully different tree topper!

I also used one of my skull punches (one can never have too many skull punches) to make a tree garland.

 I added some adhesive squares to the back and added a strip of fancy black ribbon.

And viola, tree garland!

I am hoping for a larger tree next year but space is a commodity in the tea room so I am not holding my breath.

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