Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bat Rabbit's Menu Keepers

There are always a few staples on the menu.  Those things that you think patrons would get tired of but instead they just keep ordering them.  They are called keepers.

Here are two of Bat Rabbit's Keepers.

A favorite at Bat Rabbit’s is the Mini Lemon Tarts.  Since they are not made with the traditional lemon curd, they are a much lighter treat.

Mini Lemon Tart Recipe

I admit it.  I hate making any type of crust.  Luckily, in the super markets these days, you can usually find frozen tart shells of all sizes.  I’ll use them every chance given to me.   

Lemon Filling:
15 oz.  sweetened condensed milk
1   tube frozen lemonade
12 oz.  whipped cream

Place all filling ingredients into a bowl and with a wooden spoon stir, and stir, and stir, and stir.  Once most of the lumps have disappeared, stir a little more.  Place your prepared mini-tart shells on a cookie sheet.  Cram as many on there as you can.  Fill each shell with the lemon filling.  Place the cookie sheet with the lemon tarts in the refrigerator for the filling can thicken up.

Traditional English Trifle

One of the easiest and most versatile Tea treats is the traditional English trifle.

Begin with a large footed bowl.  Then alternate layers of sponge or pound cake, egg custard or pudding, sliced strawberries and whipped cream covered with slivered almonds. Repeat each layer until the bowl is filled.

Custard and pudding flavors may be changed to taste as well as seasonal berries.

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