Monday, April 22, 2013

A Morning at the Peacock Tea Room

This past Saturday, me and Mr. Fleam journeyed to the Georgia Renaissance Faire for the day.  It was a perfect day; low temperatures and low crowds and as a bonus, it was bring your pet weekend.  There were puppies everywhere!  I also have the rare pleasure to spend several hours with my lovely, dearest Indigo La Rue and family!

One of the things I look forward too on our Renn Faire days is a visit to the Peacock Tea Room.  This visit was no exception.  We entered the fair and walked to the back and up the hill to the tea room.  While we were not pleased with the first table they showed us, they quickly changed the seating an we were given a fabulous table with an excellent King's Hall Stage view.

Since we knew we would be in the tea room for a while, along with the fact that Mr. Fleam can drink his weight in hot tea, we ordered the large pot of Earl Grey (abt. 10 cups).

 I have devoted many, many hours to perfecting my scones so I was excited to try the scones on the menu.  Mr. Fleam and I both ordered a scones plate.  This included two scones, one raspberry and one sweet (plain), a choice of Raspberry Jam or Orange Marmalade and a dollop of house-made Devon Cream.

I would not call what arrived at the table scones.  Please do not misunderstand, they were divine.  They had a "thick" cookie look - what I would call Tea Cakes.  The outside was like a cookie and the inside was an absolutely delicious cake texture.  The Raspberry Jam was incredibly sweet by itself but paired perfectly with  the Devon Cream.  Speaking of the Devon Cream, I took several dedicated tastes to see if I could determine the combination.  While this is a guess, I believe it was an unsweetened whipped cream with cream cheese base.  It was good.  I'm not the biggest Devon Cream fan, it is a texture thing for me.

We enjoyed our time waiting for Ms. La Rue and watched several shows.  After the scones, we decided to try the cheese plate.  The plate included a cucumber/basil soft cheese that was good.  The plate came with a Bacon Chutney, which is OK if you eat pork.  I do not.   It was a typical cheese plate, enjoyable but nothing exceptional.

Once Ms. LaRue and Family arrived, we ordered the Lemon Trifle with four spoons.  The waitress asked if we wanted a splash of rum or something else (Brandy, Whiskey?  I don't remember).  Any how, we requested Rum.  I know, real surprise there!  Well, when she served it, she told us that the Chef usually does not put Rum on the Trifle but did this time as a special favor for us.  While I appreciate the favor and it was delicious, please do not try to make it sound like it was a special request after it was offered as a choice from the wait staff.  That was annoying.

Overall, it was a fabulous visit.  I will be going back again!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry for my lack of posts lately.  Since DoTD, I have been busily preparing for a Tea and Scone Tasting this weekend.  Work, work, work......

But I did want to share some of the more disturbing vintage Valentine's Day cards that I have run across.  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creepy Christmas with The Shadow Farm

As I am sure I have mentioned before, one of my favorite artists is Dave the Dead at The Shadow Farm.  Well, I had to involve all my remarkably eerie figures (more like friends) with all my 'Burton'-esqe Christmas decor.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures  of Monte, Dr. Mortenson and Andreas.  Oh, and my Plague Doctor, I cannot forget him!.

Monte in his holiday hat.

Dr. Mortenson

Andreas in his holiday scarf.

A troubled trio.  I just love them!

The Plague Doctor.

Everyone just hanging around the tea room looking festive!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas Tea

I did have the privilege of being part of a Mort Christmas Tea over the Holiday Season.  

Some of the goodies.

Sneaking some tea in the kitchen.

Christmas Tea

Silly Morts!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Days of the Dead

Just a quick reminder that I will be playing personal assistant to Mr. Fleam this weekend at theAtlanta Days of the Dead Horror Convention.  He is keeping me pretty busy Friday evening but I hope to be out and about Saturday and Sunday.  I will be sure to share all my fun (work, whatever you wish to call it) after we return!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pretty Presents

One thing that I pride myself on is my gift wrapping.  I love to wrap pretty gifts.  It is all about finding the right paper and the right ribbon.  Luckily, most morts do not have the same taste in wrapping paper as I do which makes after holiday shopping a breeze and I usually find some wonderful bargains.

Below are some examples.  It does take a fair amount of time but I believe it is completely worth it!

(Notice that I always use Krampus gift tags!)

You can never go wrong with a black and white striped ribbon!

Black, Silver and Red.  A perfect color combination.

Teal and Brown are a favorite of mine - Blog colors!

 Black 'wallpaper' and dark Green ribbon are also a perfect pair!

A nice green with a black pin stripe and a black tulle ribbon.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Holiday Catch Up

Oh, I promised myself I would get caught up with all my holiday posts by mid-January, and then by the 3rd week of January.  My new goal - 1st week of February.  There is just so much happening at once.

Besides the everyday chores of the tea room, I am:
Making a new Edwardian apron
Making some new tea cozies
Prepping Mr. Fleam for his appearance at Days of the Dead Atlanta
Planning a Tea & Scone tasting in mid-February

So many things keeping me away from my blog but I promised myself to set aside some every other day and do some catch up.

I'll start with my little Bat Rabbit's Tea Room Christmas Tree.  It wasn't much and part of the decorations were hand made but I was rather proud of it.

I was feeling rather crafty that day and decided to add some new skull and bat decor....

I used some of my favorite black and white paper to punch out some bats. 

Then I simply attached them to black pipe cleaners.

They made a wonderfully different tree topper!

I also used one of my skull punches (one can never have too many skull punches) to make a tree garland.

 I added some adhesive squares to the back and added a strip of fancy black ribbon.

And viola, tree garland!

I am hoping for a larger tree next year but space is a commodity in the tea room so I am not holding my breath.